Extending Joomla!

Extending Joomla!


Extensions for Joomla! consist of four main add-ons. These include components, modules, plug-ins, and templates. There are also language extensions available as well.

The best thing about Joomla! its extensibility. There is a basic installation to get you up with content and a basic website quite quickly. Where Joomla! really shines is it's huge extension library and thousands of templates which you can install and customise your website further.

Please look at our resources section of the website for a list of reputable template providers for your Joomla! websites.

There are many components that you can install or Joomla! Components that perform a specific function on your website such as an e-commerce shop, a business directory component, a backup system, or even a photo gallery for your website. All reputable Extensions can be found at extensions.Joomla!.org

Take note of the reviews and ratings for the extensions that you are downloading and installing on your website as this will help guide you through what is good and what is bad. If you are unsure, why not ask a question on our forum.

Also note that not all extensions are free, there are many that are free but there are also a lot that requires subscriptions for downloading. Usually the subscriptions are time based subscriptions that limit the amount of time that you are allowed to download the software for, and that does not limit you to how many websites you can use it on or for how long you can use that software for. This is the usual business model of many Joomla! extension developers.

Last but not least the final piece of advice in getting started with Joomla is to make sure that you always make a backup of your website. Your hosting company usually will do backups for you on a regular basis, but this isn't always reliable. Please make sure you perform manual backups and test your manual backups to make sure that they work. There are many to tutorials in regards to this process and it should be a part of your everyday practice.

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