The next and last meeting for 2012 will be Tuesday 6th November, 6:30-8pm.  Guest speaker will be Paul Blair to talk about the break throughs he's made with his cemeteries site at


In 2006, Paul began to research all burial places in Australia with the object of geolocating them, and putting the resultant data on the web. The project emanated from concern that many old burial places were being 'lost' from our knowledge.

The site went live in 2006 with about 600 entries. Since then, the list has grown to about 4800 entries. It includes maps. It is at

The site uses a MySQL database, rendered with PHP, JavaScript and HTML.

Pros: fast, reasonably informative.
Cons: no space for supplementary pages, my HTML is lousy

This project:

To see if it was possible to overcome the 'Con' with a CM, Paul chose Joomla! as he had used it previously (if not brilliantly). 

The perceived difficulty was to link the database.

After some testing, the choice came down to Fabrik and JooDatabase, and the latter was finally chosen. It is a free item (there is a paid-for pro version available) that handles 'flat' databases (ie, not relational ones). It has some internal limitations, but most of these can be worked around.

For the record, Paul installed only com_joodb-v1.8.2, but not the companion plug-ins, plg_quickicon_joodb or plg_joodb.

There was one curiosity. He tested on a home server (XAMPP) and found JooDatabase very slow - too slow to be considered for serious use. But an instance built on a hosted server had no such problems. Try it for yourself at  and click on Auscem in the index. As it says, it is a work in progress.

About Paul:

Paul is a retired civil engineer. Got into computing (Fortran IV) in the 60s, used it to design bridges and buildings. Bought a desktop in the late 70s. From there, things just developed.... 

Meeting details:

What: Canberra Joomla User Group meeting

Rainbow Room*, Canberra Southern Cross Club, Woden
(Sign in at reception for the "Canberra Joomla User Group" meeting).

When: Tuesday 6th November, 2012 from 6 for 6:30 - 8pm

* If you arrive before 6:30, we will be in the dining room having a bite to eat.  Feel free to join us.

Princess Fiona
Canberra Joomla User Group 

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