I'm not sure what I am looking for …

So you've stumbled across Joomla and don't know where to start? Firstly, let's take a moment to explain what Joomla is, and what people do with it. Essentially Joomla is software that you can use to make websites. It's the second most popular open source content management system, used by over 5 million websites worldwide. The software is FREE, and the project is completely run by volunteers. Many talented people worldwide are working together to incrementally improve the software, and there are also quite a lot of people who have turned their love of Joomla into a business, and generate their income via the Joomla ecosystem.

You might be wondering, how free software can generate people income, well it's simple, although the core software is free, there are many associated add on products or services that people are willing to pay for. For example, some people make a living by developing and supporting third party templates, that give a Joomla website the look and feel. Other people build websites for their clients, and charge for their time that they spend configuring and customising the software to suit the clients needs. Then there are others that develop third party extensions, that add extra functionality to Joomla, for which some people are willing to purchase.

So no matter if you are an end user, site builder, or hard core coder, there is a place in the Joomla project for you. For those just starting out, you can either download Joomla and install it on your website, or have a play around with a demo site.

This website is the home of the Australian Joomla community, and is a place where we can connect with other Australians, promote the various Joomla events in Australia, and share knowledge and experience to help grow the use of Joomla in Australia.