Joomla is a global, non profit, Open Source project working with only volunteers and their contributions. Volunteers are key to Joomla’s growth and success. Contributing to Joomla is easy and will give you great satisfaction. Anyone can contribute, whatever your skillset is, with as much time as you want. It’s a great way to give back to your beloved CMS, and an even greater way to meet new likeminded people.

Join a Joomla User Group

Local Joomla User Groups (JUGs) are a great way to meet new people, get help with a project or share your own knowledge with other Joomla users.  There are many JUGs around Australia, full of enthusiastic people willing to share their experience and resource. Click here for more information and to find your closest JUG.

Offer Forum Support

Joomla! beginners need help and online forums are often the first places they visit. The global Joomla forum is where people connect, help one another and share their experience. It is HUGE and manned 24/7 by enthusiastic volunteers from all around the world.

Help Organise a JoomlaDay

Every year the Australian community gets together and organises its annual JoomlaDay Australia conference.

Sponsor a JoomlaDay

JoomlaDay Australia is locally organised by volunteers and supported by our generous sponsors, with 100% of the cost of the event covered by sponsors, ticket sales and donations.

Become an Extension Developer

One of the best things about Joomla is being able to make a living from it. Developing an extension, whether it's a component, plugin, module or even a template, will allow you to generate income and at the same time contribute back to the community.

Contribute Code

If you're experienced with writing code, perhaps you could contribute time in regards to developing code for the core Joomla! project itself.

Bug Squashing

If you'd like to get your hands dirty with code, bug squashing is a great place to start. Visit where you can find the resources and information about how to get started with Joomla Bug Squashing.

Writing Documentation and Tutorials

We are always in need of more information, guides and tutorials on how to use Joomla. If you think you have a talent for writing (or you’re better with video presentations), we'd love to hear from you. Not only will you be helping others but, by being credited for the tutorials and information that you share to the community, you will also build your profile within the Australian community.

Help Start a new Joomla User Group

We haven't got all of Australia covered yet! If there isn't a Joomla User Group close by, consider starting one. There are plenty of resources available on the Joomla Community Portal, or jump into the Joomla Australia Forum and let us know what you'd like to do.

Join a Global Joomla Team

And meet new friends all over the world! The Joomla Volunteers Portal is a great place to get started. Create a profile and register as a Joomler, then browse the teams, read some reports and see if there is a place to join in the fun.

Pizza Bugs & Fun (PBF)

Pizza Bugs & Fun is a GLOBAL Joomla event where designers, developers and users meet and work together on Joomla! to make it even better. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, everyone is welcome and we look forward to welcoming you to the PBF.