Joomla Australia are becoming a subcommittee of Linux Australia.

Over the past few years, Joomla Australia volunteers have been working behind the scenes on working towards the direction Joomla Australia should take. With a new domain name requirement being introduced at the start of the year, the pace changed.

Joomla Australia is now becoming a formal subcomittee of Linux Australia. Amongst the features the new structure provides, it gives the subcommittee access to bank accounts, insurance, seed funding for events and access to grants through Linux Australia's operations.

The interim committee consists of Stuart Robertson, Tim Plummer, Nathan Morrow, Nicky Veitch and Patrick Jackson.

The interim committee have assembled three documents that together make up the intial content for the discussion on the structure of the commitee.

August 2022 Update

At the start of the year Tim Plummer and Nicky Veitch resigned from the committee citing family and change in direction. We wish them well in their ongoing future endeavours.

Stuart, Nathan and Patrick have recently come back around to reviewing the MOU, Constitution and Code of Conduct, and the following three documents are now being finalised to be submitted to Linux Australia to formalise the MOU in coming weeks.

Memorandum of Understanding Constitution Code of Conduct

Viewers of the above documents are able to contribute comments for consideration for inclusion into the final versions.

Information & Discussion Session

Joomla Australia held an information and discussion session on Tuesday August 17 2021 for user group participants to have their say in the direction being proposed.

  • Discussion of Foundation Membership and General Membership options
    • Foundation Membership - joining this year, proposed intial membership fee of $5, allows voting rights. Membership through to 30 June 2022
    • General Membership - outline ongoing membership rights, benefits, fees.
  • Membership Period - Options for consideration
    • Financial Year with Pro-rata
    • Rolling anniversary membership
    • Membership management via website using OSMembership
  • Voting rights & Voting
    • Voting rights granted to current paid members at time of election
    • Voting managed through either services like or look at a Joomla component.

Note from the information and discussion session are available via the link below.

Notes from August 17

Next steps (2021)

Participants in Australia's User Groups with an interest in the structure being proposed and adopted can contact the interim committee (if you don't have our contacts, message us from the Facebook page) or provide feedback by commenting on the documents linked above.

Joomla Australia will be collating feedback through to September 14 2021, and then will provide an update at the next Joomla Australia Virtual User Group on September 21 which ideally includes information on how to become a Foundation Member, a call for candidates for the new committee, and scheduling a date for an initial general meeting to elect office bearers.

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Patrick's been using Joomla since it was Mambo, and helped with starting the Melbourne Joomla User Group back in 2008. A Certified Joomla Administrator, he's currently increasing his involvement at the Joomla! Project level through the Joomla Community Magazine and Bugs & Fun at Home programs. He runs KPS, a Melbourne based consultancy focusing on Joomla implementation, hosting, maintenance and support.