Congratulations to all winners and finalists in the inaugural 2019 Joomla Australia Site Awards. Winners were announced at JoomlaDay Australia 2019 in Brisbane.

JoomlaDay Australia 2019 took place at the State Library of Queensland in sunny Brisbane on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th August.

All speakers

We've got two full days of speakers lined up, covering varying aspects of Joomla, as well as talks on marketing, social media and running a business. You'll be loaded up with tips and strategies so you can help yourself, your agency or your clients! Take a look at our Speakers and the Schedule.

If you're not already aware, we'll be announcing our first ever Joomla Australia Site Awards at this year's JoomlaDay Australia conference. It's a great opportunity to showcase the great work you are doing in Joomla, get some national recognition, and potentially gain leads to grow your business.

This JoomlaDay we'll be running dedicated training sessions for Joomla beginners. If you're responsible for publishing content on a Joomla website, you're invited to hone your skills and learn something new at this year's beginner training sessions.

JoomlaDay Australia will be held at the State Library of Queensland in South Bank, just a short train-ride from the Brisbane Airport. If you're feeling lost, check out our accommodation suggestions on our website.

Do you want to get certified but are worried about the exam? Stuart Robertson, from OPN 365, will be running a preparation session on Saturday 3 August to step through the recommended learning guide and answer your questions. 

Have you submitted your Joomla website to be considered for an award yet? Get your entry in by 7 July to enter this year's Joomla Australia Site Awards!

If you’ve ever created content on the Internet, especially Joomla!, the chances are you’ve used a Tiny product. They are the makers of TinyMCE, and other great products, used by millions of developers and content creators worldwide ... and that's no exaggeration!


JoomlaDay Australia 2019 is going to be our biggest event yet. With so many inspiring and talented speakers with knowledge and experience in development, site administration, digital marketing, design and SEO, as well as sponsors support from all around Australia and internationally, attendees will be loaded up with tips, ideas and freebies over the entire weekend.

What is Joomla Stack Exchange and how does it work? What makes it the optimal place to seek support? Who can or should contribute to the knowledge base? What do first-time users need to know? How do I best interact with the Stack Exchange community? How do I confidently post questions and answers? What is off-topic or taboo/or discouraged? How do I interpret and handle negative feedback?

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