Closing date for site award submissions extended to 14 July

If you're not already aware, we'll be announcing our first ever Joomla Australia Site Awards at this year's JoomlaDay Australia conference. It's a great opportunity to showcase the great work you are doing in Joomla, get some national recognition, and potentially gain leads to grow your business.

Originally submissions were limited to attendees/ticket holders of the JoomlaDay Australia event, but the committee has decided to drop this requirement and allow anyone (in the region of Oceania) to submit a site for the awards for free. You don’t need to attend the JoomlaDay Australia event to be eligible, and submission the deadline has been extended to 14 July. There is still a limit of one site submission per person.

Full details and entry form are at 2019 Joomla Australia Site Awards. Your site is automatically entered in all categories.

Any questions? Contact the committee.

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