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User Group Meetings

Online Encounter - Tuesday 9th April

This month the Online Encounter will contain a quick demo of the Wordpress to Joomla migration tool being developed, news on the Joomla Australia organisation and a discussion about collaboration platforms for the Joomla Australia community. If you have got a question or item of interest you would like to include during the meeting then drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



  • Nathan is going to provide an update with current state of play with the Joomla Australia organisation and our status with Linux Australia.
  • Stuart will be telling us about the going ons at the recent Reconnect with Joomla event in Brisbane.
  • Terry will provide a repeat short demo on the 'To Joomla' migration tool that is being developed by the Joomla! team with its first target being migrating Wordpress websites.
  • There will be a discussion on the use of online communication tools within the Joomla Australia community, a locally focused service. With dwindling users on a Slack channel, Facebook needing CPR(Content Posted by Robert), the official Joomla! MatterMost instance and enthusiasm at Reconnect with Joomla for more collaboration we're planning to discuss what platforms people currently use, what sort of use or purpose if something was provided would it serve, should it be closed or private, members only subscription  based and how it could be financed.
  • Terry is looking for a simple solution to allow a client to upload photos from their phone to a folder on their website while changing the file name and setting the dimensions of the photo on the way through. It might be a Joomla extension or a phone App or maybe you have seen a nice upload process as part of another Joomla extension that works for your clients.
  • Questions without notice is where we open it up for you to ask questions or share what you have been doing with Joomla.