Australian Joomla User Groups are combining to bring you Australian Virtual User Group Events during the COVID-19 Shutdown. If the program turns out to be successful, we may continue in the new normal.

If you would like to suggest topics or volunteer to present, please get in touch at the moment through one of the Meetup Groups. We'll shortly be looking at creating a combined AVJUG Meetup for you to register at.

James Ashworth - How hosting with Amazon Web Services works

Revisit our May 19 Australian Virtual JUG with James Ashworth from the Melbourne JUG. James explains how hosting with Amazon Web Services works.

Robert Fairhead - Building a Blog With Joomla

Revisit the April Australian Virtual JUG on Youtube. Robert Fairhead will take us through decisions he made on setting up two sites on two different blog platforms and how he set about populating blog posts. He'll reveal the challenges he faced, especially recently with comments.