AVJUG August 2020: Marc Dechèvre - Joomla Custom Fields - A step by step tutorial

Marc Dechevre - Joomla Custom Fields

Marc Dechèvre - Custom Fields - A step by step tutorial

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Our Presenter:

Marc Dechèvre is the owner of Woluweb, based in Brussells, Belgium. Woluweb takes care of web projects in a variety of sectors, amongst which the association, non-profit and cultural world is very well represented.

Marc is very much involved in the Open Source world, in particular in the Joomla Community. Joomla is indeed one of the best CMS, the perfect compromise between user-friendliness and power. In particular, it is the perfect fit for multilingual websites as it is managed natively, which is very nice and important in the Belgian or European multicultural environment.

Marc is also a regular speaker at different conferences (Belgium, France, Netherlands) and with the switch to virtual user groups is highly sought after by JUGs for presentations at the moment on implementing more advanced types of custom fields.

Topic Overview:

You have heard about Custom Fields, right?

You know it is powerful and useful, but you never took the time to put them into practice?

Or maybe you already play with them, but you would like to go further and create your own overrides including Custom Fields?

Well, after this session you will enter a new dimension!

This month...

  • 6:00: Start & Intros
  • 6:05: 10 minute topic (TBA)
  • 6:15: Keynote - Custom Fields - A step by step tutorial
  • 6:45: Q&A
  • 7:00: Joomla Announcements
  • 7:05: General Q&A through to close.


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