AVJUG August 2022: Everything Yootheme

16 August 2022: Joomla Australia: Yootheme

Everything Yootheme with Nathan Morrow

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This month...

Join us for an "All Things Yootheme" session where Nathan will do a walkthrough on building a dynamic blog layout with Joomla articles using the Templates feature of the Yootheme Pro Builder with one of the many supplied blog layouts that come with Yootheme Pro.

We'll also have a look at a Yootheme add-on called Yootheme Essentials which has a number of useful features:

  • Icons - Extend the builder icon library with over 12k icons from Font Awesome, Ionicons, Bootstrap, Zondicons, Heroicons and more, or your own icon collection.
  • Access Conditions - Control when an element should be rendered depending on the date, language, user, device and more. It supports dynamic values and custom evaluation logic.
  • Form Builder - Build advanced submission forms with over 10 form elements in the YOOtheme Pro page builder.
  • More Dynamic Sources - Feed your YOOtheme Pro layouts with data from local and external sources, such as Instagram, Google Sheet, Database, CSV and others.
  • Multiple, Cross-Site Layouts & Elements Presets Libraries - Share your Builder Layouts & Elements Presets like never before by creating multiple & cross-site libraries from local or external storages including Amazon S3 (will be demonstrated)


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