AVJUG February 2021: Explore Bootstrap 5 with Vladimir Roudakov

Speaker Vladimir Roudakov - Explore Bootstrap 5

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Our Presenter:

Vladimir Roudakov, from Tomato Elephant Studio in Brisbane, joins the Virtual JUG tonight.

Vladimir leads the local Drupal group in Brisbane and has contributed to Joomla 4 via recent Pizza Bugs and Fun days.

Topic Overview:

This month we will explore Bootstrap 5.

With the final beta of Joomla 4 around the corner there has been a decision made to incorporate Bootstrap 5. Vladimir will step us through BS 5 and how we might see some of this new functionality work in the CMS we love.

It's time to become familiar with the release of the long awaited Joomla 4 now not far away, and BS 5 needs a look over too.

Joining Vladimir will be Janna Malikova, also from Tomato Elephant Studio who will give a lightning talk on some of the cool accessibility options that she has found that work on pretty much any CMS.

Plus all the news and events from Joomla, Joomla Stack Exchange and all the rest to round out the session.

This month...

  • 6:00: Start & Intros
  • 6:15: Explore Bootstrap 5
  • 6:45: Q&A
  • 7:00: 10 minute topic
  • 7:10: Joomla Announcements
  • 7:15: General Q&A through to close.


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