AVJUG July 2020: Russell Searle: Joomla Pagebuilders - Yootheme Pro 2, Nicepage and Blox

Russell Searle: Joomla Pagebuilders

Russell Searle - YOOTheme Pro 2.0

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Our Presenter:

Russell Searle is a digital all-rounder operating as Psicom. He has worked across a swath of corporate, mid-range and web business systems in more than a dozen industry verticals, delivering thousands of projects for over 200 customers. These days he builds SMB Joomla! sites with an emphasis on front-end and custom app development. In his unpaid time he's a keen gamer, and he’s into tai chi and classic metal guitar.

Topic Overview:

YOOtheme Pro 2.1 is more than a page builder, it’s a game-changer. It’s fully supported for Joomla and WordPress, and it goes a long way towards levelling the playing field between them. It expands the perspective and work-flow of Joomla web design and development. It organises an impressive library of YOOtheme’s current styles and assets, and makes them accessible and comprehensible for easy design. It uses native Joomla! Articles as its unit of content, and it makes custom fields available as attributes for display and styling. It’s innovative and has a bit of a learning curve, so in this workshop I’ll try and clear the initial hurdles for you.

This month...

  • 6:00: Start & Intros
  • 6:05: Joomla Australia Site Awards 2020
  • 6:15: Russell Searle - YOOTheme Pro 2.0
  • 6:45: Q&A
  • 7:00: Joomla Announcements
  • 7:05: General Q&A through to close.
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