AVJUG June 2021: J4 RC - The Joomla 4 Release Candidate Process

AVJUG June 2021: J4 RC

J4 RC - The Joomla 4 Release Candidate Process

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Topic Overview:

Joomla 4 RC was released at the start of June, and so it's now time to start looking at whether it's the Joomla version you should begin considering for future website development.

With a fortnightly RC release schedule, RC 2 is due out the day following the Australian JUG, and we'll be looking at where the RC is at, what you can do to help, and where extension developers are up to with the release of J4 RC compatible extensions.

This month...

  • 6:00: Start & Intros
  • 6:05: 10 minute topic
  • 6:15: J4 RC Intro with Patrick Jackson (and hopefully some international guests)
  • 6:45: Do the extensions you use work in Joomla 4?
  • 7:20: Joomla Announcements
  • 7:25: General Q&A through to close.


About The Author
Patrick Jackson
Author: Patrick JacksonWebsite: https://www.kpsystems.com.au
MJUG Organiser, Joomla Australia Committee
Patrick's been using Joomla since it was Mambo, and helped with starting the Melbourne Joomla User Group back in 2008. A Certified Joomla Administrator, he's currently increasing his involvement at the Joomla! Project level through the Joomla Community Magazine and Bugs & Fun at Home programs. He runs KPS, a Melbourne based consultancy focusing on Joomla implementation, hosting, maintenance and support.