AVJUG May 2020: James Ashworth - How hosting with Amazon Web Services works

James Ashworth - How hosting with Amazon Web Services works

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Our Presenter: James Ashworth

James has been using Joomla for almost 13 years, ever since he started out working with Brendan at Mediart. Currently he is the Service Desk Team lead at Butterfly, a Melbourne based Digital Agency. His team not only supports their clients post deployment with their website but looks after their infrastructure. James has been architect for Butterfly's transition into the realm of cloud hosting and how they deploy Joomla, Wordpress and Wagtail (Python based CMS that runs on the Django framework) into a scalable stateless environment using AWS elastic Beantalk, AWS RDS. AWS S3 and various other tools. James is also working on the migration of their "Classic" managed servers to AWS as well from their current provider.

Topic Overview:

Vertical and Horizontal hosting.... WTF

James will briefly go through the classic style hosting of a monolithic server compares to the new world of cloud hosting that can be scaled when needed. He'll define the difference between vertically and horizontally scaled servers.

But doesn't cloud hosting cost me heaps?

Yes it can but there are tools that can help predict how much it will cost. James will go through the new costing calculator and explain where you can save money. AWS specifically helps a lot to make sure you have a smaller bill. James will also cover when to consider using AWS as opposed to someone like Crazy domains, GoDaddy or VentraIP, or your own dedicated server.

He will try and explain when he believes AWS should be considered, the pros and the cons and the technical ability.


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