AVJUG April 2020: Robert Fairhead

Robert Fairhead - Building a Blog With Joomla

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Our Presenter: Robert Fairhead

Robert Fairhead is an editor and writer for Tall And True, an online magazine, blog and forum for writers, readers and publishers, and blogs at RobertFairhead.com. Robert is also the principal copywriter at Rocher Communications. You can follow him on Twitter at @tallandtrue.

Topic Overview:

Robert Fairhead manage two websites: TallAndTrue.com.au, a website where writers can share and showcase their writing; and RobertFairhead.com, his personal blog and profile website.

Having worked with Joomla since 2008, Robert planned to build both websites using the Joomla platform. However, it proved easier to implement his own blog using WordPress. So he's used Joomla for TallAndTrue.com.au and WordPress for RobertFairhead.com.

Building a blog is one thing. But the hard work is in writing the content, categorising and tagging it, and displaying it in a way that encourages people to browse and read your posts. And then there are comments!

In this presentation, Robert discuss the decisions he made on the blog platforms and how he set about populating my blog posts. He'll reveal the challenges he faced, especially recently with comments.

Following on from the presentation, we'll be opening up the conversation on zoom for members to discuss how we can implement a WordPress-like (or better) blog with comments in Joomla.


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