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Marc Dechevre - Joomla Custom Fields

AVJUG August 2020: Marc Dechèvre - Joomla Custom Fields - A step by step tutorial

Taking Joomla further by creating your own overrides including Custom Fields

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Russell Searle: Joomla Pagebuilders

AVJUG July 2020: Russell Searle: Joomla Pagebuilders - Yootheme Pro 2, Nicepage and Blox

Continuing our page builder series, Russell Searle this month covers the recent improvements to YOOTheme Pro 2.0.

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Jeff Wilson - Quicker with Quix

AVJUG June 2020: Jeff Wilson - Quicker with Quix

Revisit our June 16 Australian Virtual JUG with Jeff Wilson from the Brisbane JUG. On the market for over four years now, Quix has quickly grown in popularity with features often not found in other page builders.

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James Ashworth - How hosting with Amazon Web Services works

AVJUG May 2020: James Ashworth - How hosting with Amazon Web Services works

Revisit our May 19 Australian Virtual JUG with James Ashworth from the Melbourne JUG. James explains how hosting with Amazon Web Services works.

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Robert Fairhead - Building a Blog With Joomla

AVJUG April 2020: Robert Fairhead

Revisit the April Australian Virtual JUG on Youtube. Robert Fairhead will take us through decisions he made on setting up two sites on two different blog platforms and how he set about populating blog posts. He'll reveal the challenges he faced, especially recently with comments.

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Join a Joomla User Group

Local Joomla User Groups (JUGs) are a great way to meet new people, get help with a project or share your own knowledge with other Joomla users.  There are many JUGs around Australia - some a little more active than others - full of enthusiastic people willing to share their experience and

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