Trying to get clients or stakeholders to see the need for accessibility is hard, people still see it as a lot of extra work with rewards that are hard to provide a ROI. However web spiders/crawlers are our biggest blind user on the web, in essence, a lot of what works to increase SEO will increase the accessibility of your site. Let's take a look at some site building and development tasks we can perform that provide a tick to SEO and a tick to Accessibility. If we can take this approach we can see that the cost of Accessibility is actually bundled with the cost of SEO and not an additional burden to the project. 

This talk looks at the state of accessibility in Joomla and shows how accessibility is intrinsically linked to SEO performance from a development perspective. We will also look at some new tools to help check and test for accessibility throughout the development process, and how we can add these into a CI/CD approach.

Whilst this talk is aimed at all audiences it will be focused on development and management of the development process. With time permitting and depending on the audience questions/experience level there may be some tech demos utilised to help illustrate concepts.

*All accessibility guideline discussions will be based on Australian Government Standards