Working with an offshore developer from JoomlaDay Australia

We all get those emails and phone calls. We'll at least I do, just about every single day of the week.

"Hello sir, We are an offshore company looking for a partnership with you. I noticed on your website that you provide WordPress service. We have over 30 WordPress specialists in our team that can help grow and support your business. Would you be interested?"

Every single day, without missing a beat.

This presentation is about how you can actually make that work for you. I've been travelling back and forth between Australia and South East Asia for the last two years on what people seem to thing is a really long vacation (Look at my Instagram feed), but in reality, I've been working with my off shore development team, training them up, getting to know them better, understanding how they best work so that we all can get the best outcome possible in regards to leveraging the skills of developers from South East Asia.

This presentation will go through how to find a developer, how to set up processes to get them working, how to transition yourself from being a solo business person to having a great team around you helping you grow your business.