Accessibility API 101

Aimee Maree Forsstrom

There is alot of talk about accessibility and the web and the use of "native HTML elements" for structural layout such as li table rather then a series of nested DIVs. But often there is not too much talk around why this is such an important part of building accessible websites?

Most developers have heard about the Document Object Model in Browsers, but it is often rare to hear people talk or even see courses teach about the Accessibility API?

This talk introduces the audience to the Browser DOM and how it interacts with the Accessibility API to help explain how the use of HTML elements become important for proper interpretation of your website by assistive technologies.

The presenter will walk the audience through the steps that the Browser takes as it reads code on your web-server and presents it to the viewer on their local computer. This talk is not a high level technical one but does require knowledge of HTML, it is aimed at developers, QA/Testers, Web Designers who are interested in accessibility and also understanding abit more about browsers. There is no high level code that will be shown but their will be flowcharts used that are aimed to provide an understanding of why the way the code is written in HTML impacts the way the Accessibility API will be able to interpret it.

Front End Developers, Backend Developers, Project Managers, QA/Test, Web Designers.