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GWMWater - a Joomla site showcased by WebplaceBy Webplace from Victoria


GWMWater's website had been in its current format since 2008. The website was created in Joomla version 1.5 and was no longer supported and it's user experience was at odds with their 2013-18 strategic direction to 'transform into a sophisticated organisation focused on delivering service excellence applying the best appropriate technologies.'

Consultation with internal and external stakeholders provided information about current pain points and aspirations for the website; information crucial to the production of a user centred information architecture and visual design. An audit of the current website content helped determine that a number of content strategy and writing deliverables would need to be undertaken if the new site was going to meet user needs.

The end result is a responsive website built using HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery running on the Joomla Content Management System which uses third party and custom components to enhance the websites functionality.



3rd party extensions:

  • 'Edocman' was used to centralise the management of publications and ensure that when updating a publication, it only needs to be updated in the one location
  • 'Mighty sites' allowed for two domains to run from a single Joomla instance.

Custom components:

  • Reservoir levels - a component to manage and display weekly reservoir levels in the area
  • Tender manager - a component to manage new tenders & subscribers as well as email key information to subscribers as required
  • Water quality samples - a component to manage and display all of the water quality tests that are undertaken in the surrounding reservoirs.


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