Please use the following guidelines to prepare your site for entry in the Site Awards.

  • Ensure that every page of the site is free of typos, poor grammar and unrendered language constants/placeholders.
  • Remove or improve any empty pages, pages with Latin default text, and "Under Construction" or "Coming Soon" notices.
  • Make sure that all of the forms submit, an spam protection mechanisms work and that all field validation techniques work as expected.
  • Do not allow any Notices, Warnings or Errors to appear on any of the pages.
  • Keep your site content current. Be mindful of dates and any other clues that the content has become stale.
  • Ideally there should be zero javascript errors generated by your pages.
  • Check that every hyperlink routes to an active page.
  • Favicon should uniquely identify the site.
  • Secure with a valid SSL certificate, on "https" protocol.