Chiara Aliotta

Chiara Aliotta

Chiara is the mind and the face behind Until Sunday. She is an Italian award-winning designer with many years of experience as a graphic designer, art director and brand consultant. Her work is creative, emotionally involving and detail-obsessed.

As a freelance art director, Chiara has created innovative designs for brands like Joomla, CTA, Daelmans, NH Hotel, Osram, and many others.

She has also directed the overall artistic look and feel of Joomla back in 2013, ensuring that the communication followed the established vision and mission of the organisation.

Her outstanding collaborative and interpersonal skills have helped her successfully leading creative teams around the world to design immersive and memorable experiences.

Chiara describes herself as a typography addict, a lover of colours and a brand keeper. She blogs about the beauty of typography, the importance of good design and how as a designer, she feels committed to creating meaningful experiences for her clients.

She is also a public speaker and always thinking up new ways to grab the audience’s attention with her unique style.

When she is not busy designing innovative products for her clients, you can find her waiting for a flight to some sunny destination, swimming in the Aegean Sea, capturing typography in the city with her camera, or spending her free time at home with a book, snuggling with her cat, Kissa.