2020 Joomla Australia Site Awards

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The 2020 Joomla Australia Site Awards is a competition where individuals and agencies, within Oceania*, can submit their Joomla powered website for judging by a panel of non-Oceanic judges for the chance to showcase their finest work or expose their brand, and increase their digital prestige.

Any individual or agency based in Oceania can submit a Joomla website as per the Terms and Conditions.

Individuals or agencies can submit a maximum of one website per category. The categories are as follows:

  • Community
  • E-Commerce
  • Marketing
  • Blog
  • Informational

Judges will announce a shortlist of "Finalists" for each category, and an annual Winner for each category. Finalists will be published on the Joomla Australia website inviting votes for a People’s Choice Winner.


Are you unsure which category to select for your nomination? Here are some examples.


Candidate sites for this category are usually built for community groups, sporting clubs, not-for-profit organisations, non-government organisations (NGOs) or industry associations. Their primary purpose is to build a community or manage membership, and promote benefits, activities or events, for example.


Websites selling products or services online, or sites allowing payments to be made for donations, sponsorships or event tickets, for example, may be nominated for this category.


Have you created a website to promote a business, product, service, event, individual or organisation? Websites whose primary purpose is to reach a target market qualify for this category. It may be a small site, with only a few carefully scripted pages optimised to reach a certain audience, or a it may be a large site with specific SEO goals, this category is broad.


This category is for websites with blogs! If your nominated website has a blog with the fun functionality that comes with running a blog, then nominate to win here. Blog features included might be the special way you've layed out the posts, or the options to organise and filter posts, or the ability to comment on posts.


Informational sites may be for government or education, or simply to share knowledge on a topic.

How to enter

Get your entries in by Sunday 20/09/2020 11:59 pm AEST. Please ensure you read the Entry Guidelines and Terms and Conditions before submitting your websites. Winners and Finalists will be announced on Tuesday 10/11/2020 at 10:00 am AEST Tuesday 24/11/2020 at 6:30 pm AEDT.