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Events - Reconnect with Joomla

The Sessions

The plan for the content side of Reconnect with Joomla is to mix things up to have more than the usual presentation style sessions to get more people involved in each session across a much broader range of Joomla related topics for the weekend. We are going to be trying out different formats and style for sessions to find out what works and what doesn't and be flexible enough to have repeat or follow up sessions whether by popular demand or a clash in sessions. We are also looking to have smaller multiple sessions running concurrently that targets a specific audience to avoid that eye glazing look the designers have when the programmers start talking and vise versa.

The topics shown here maybe a prepared presentation that someone has generously offered to present to little more than a topic heading that we are hoping one or more people might have some knowledge to share and let us know they would like to be involved in that session.

If you have suggestions for other formats you have experienced at other events thne please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Sessions Formats

Prepared Presentation.

This style will be familiar to most where it is all eyes forward as someone overcomes their fear of public speaking and goes through a 'slide show' on a particular subject that entertains and educates you at the same time.

The Panels.

In this format we pick a topic, find three or four people familiar with the topic and put them in front of the class( hopefully voluntary) where they answer questions fired at them by the audience. Much like the last scene in Breaker Morant, "Ask straight 'ya fatherless children".

Hard Pressed.

Using the National Press Club address style of having one or two people present a short view on a topic and then it is opened up to the audience to question them about what they have spoken about. In a way it is a merge of the previous two formats.

The Help.

There is no particular subject matter but you will have the opportunity to ask for assistance, with notice, with an issue or an understanding you need help with and those around you can offer their thoughts. To give everybody a equal time the intention is not always to resolve the issue, great if we do, but for the bigger questions they can be taken up during a break or may form a session of their own to get into the details.


It could be just me, but when I go to these kind of events while my eyes are glazing over in some presentations I drift in to thinking about topics I could probably talk about off the cuff that might be of interest. The agenda is going to be quite fluid so if you have something you can bring or while you are at Reconnecting with Joomla if you have something you think may be of interest then grab an Ad-Hoc spot and pour your heart out to the audience.

Pot Luck.

When we run out of topics or there is nothing presenting that interests you then we can lock you in a room with everyone else at a loose end and with no prompt or encouragement let you talk about whatever comes up.