Carly explains and demonstrates the basic parts you need to create a Joomla template and why we need them. This will be a great introduction to what you need to learn before launching into creating your very own templates.

We're going head to head with a number of components for making forms. In this recording, Julian Murray takes us on a tour of his productivity weapon of choice: Form Maker.

Jeff Wilson shows how you can easily create your own templates (and not have to deal with manual code generation) using the Template Maker component.

We're going head to head with a number of components for making forms. In this recording, Jeff Wilson takes us through UniForm..

Here you can reap the benefit of a one hour condensed version of what is otherwise normally a paid short course. Laura Choong (Chief Social Media Strategist, The Brand Plan) gives you the inside info on both choosing and using the correct social media for your entity.

A quick demo by Jeff Wilson of iJoomla SEO. This component is considered to be the best tool for checking that all SEO related content has been added to your site correctly, and that the site remains organic.

Julian Murray is back with his practical experience of the extra things you can do when building a Joomla web site, combined with sage business advice to make your customers happier than ever. 35 minutes of down-to-earth awesomeness with an Aussie accent.

Get an insight in to the future of Joomla with co-founder Andrew Eddie. Discover what part of the release cycle will now be uncapped, changes to bug tracking, and witness the fiery destruction of the JoomlaCode account on SourceForge as it is officially retired. You will also marvel as Andrew reveals what version of Joomla is used by eBay, and find out what you can expect to see in the upcoming Joomla 3.5.

Jennifer speaks on content writing to maximise your SEO, and touches on keyword inclusion. Watch this video and take advantage of her "6 Tips for Effective Web Copy."

How to build a split-menu system with a stock standard Joomla menu, using it in conjunction with content component parameters to build better “nested” content structures, defining SEF Urls and including SEO elements.