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Events - Reconnect with Joomla

Reconnect with Joomla – What's on?

As the event gets closer the details of the content and the agenda will be confirmed subject to change on the day of course however you can get an idea as we update these pages.

With the unique opportunities presented by a mostly deserted office space, Camp Joomla, for formal some presentation sessions to happen for all to see and smaller more informal on-demand type pop-up session appearing in corners or disused offices.

Friday 15th

The doors open Friday afternoon, particularly for people who have just arrived in Brisbane would rather not lay around their accommodation waiting for something to happen in the evening. As registrations come in and we get an idea of the numbers of people that might be turning up on Friday we expect to plan some informal pop-up sessions before retiring for the evening for some liquid based socialising.

Saturday 16th

A full day of sessions expected and we are still putting the agenda and list of topic together. Have your say in setting the agenda here. During the day there will obligatory tea, coffee and bickies on offer between sessions and were are still working on a lunch offering. For the evening we might visit a local watering hole or bring the food into Camp Joomla.

Sunday 17th

Some more sessions and pop-up discussions to be had until early afternoon, allowing people needing to catch flights the chance to head home.

Who’s who at the Zoo

Early on we plan to introduce everybody to everybody else to break the ice and share who we are and what we all do with Joomla. You can expect to stand up and share your story for a few minutes, no more than five, and that should give people who have similar interests to you a reason to seek you out during the day and say hello.

The Panels

The actual topics for the Panel sessions aren’t set yet as they will come from what people attending want to know about. A few off the top of my head are, “How do you manage your Joomla hosting?”, “Should control of Joomla be returned to its spiritual home, Australia?” or “What do you see as the future of Joomla or at least your involvement?”

So start thinking about what you would like to hear discussed by a panel of your peers or you and let us know. Part of the pre-registration process should involve potential attendees filling out a questionnaire answering questioning that will help us shape the content of the weekend.


If there are suggestions made for a particular topic that suits doing a work shop or two then we can add them to the agenda, again this comes back to what the people attending ask for and who is willing to present the subject matter.