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Reconnect with Joomla in 2024!

March 15-17, 2024
Brisbane, QLD

Starting on March the 15th over the course of three days in the south side of Brisbane Joomla enthusiasts and professionals are gathering in person to reconnect with each other and share Joomla after years of online meetings. The intention of the weekend event is to provide the opportunity and physical space to bring Joomla enthusiasts together to network, to learn and to share their knowledge about Joomla and related activities whether you are working with Joomla for a hobby, a club, a business or Joomla is how you pay the bills.

Reconnect with Joomla is being planned to have less formality than a 'Joomla Day' conference, being more aligned with a Joomla Camp style experience with a focus on the attendees interacting and sharing with each other in ways that we haven't been able to with the online meetings over the past few years. We are expecting to have a mix of formats in the style of sessions from the large all eyes forward type presentations to smaller more informal, on-demand, pop-up discussions appearing in around the available office space.

Stuart Robertson of OPN365 is providing the use of the mostly empty floor space around his own office to become Joomla Central for the event so that Joomla enthusiasts and professionals can meet and share in a fairly unique environment.

While there is a financial contribution to cover the costs the intention is for people attending to be involved in presenting and sharing their knowledge, experience and ideas as part of proceedings whether it presenting a topic, being on a panel, being part of discussions or just introducing yourself. Part of the registration process will be asking you questions to help set the agenda by seeking what it is you would like to learn about or need help with regarding Joomla and opportunites where you might be able to help others with your own knowledge.

And speaking of finances, there isn’t any expected merchandise, clothing, goodies bag or even sponsorship planned at this stage, we are going to try and keep things simple, not to over burden the already busy people making the effort to put this gathering together.

You can register your interest and potential attendance to the event by subscribing to the mailing list seen elsewhere on this page. Once registrations are open we will be doing further communications via this mailing list.