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Events - Reconnect with Joomla

The Sessions

The plan for the content side of Reconnect with Joomla is to mix things up to have more than the usual presentation style sessions to get more people involved in each session across a much broader range of Joomla related topics for the weekend. We are going to be trying out different formats and style for sessions to find out what works and what doesn't and be flexible enough to have repeat or follow up sessions whether by popular demand or a clash in sessions. We are also looking to have smaller multiple sessions running concurrently that targets a specific audience to avoid that eye glazing look the designers have when the programmers start talking and vise versa.

The topics shown here maybe a prepared presentation that someone has generously offered to present to little more than a topic heading that we are hoping one or more people might have some knowledge to share and let us know they would like to be involved in that session.

If you have suggestions for other formats you have experienced at other events thne please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Show and Tell

Not quite the traditional Show and Tell you might have experienced at School, in this variation we offer the chance for people to submit their website(s), the Show, before the event starts and registered attendees will be asked to view and review the submitted website(s) and then during Reconnect with Joomla attendees will be asked to share their thoughts on  ways the websites could be improved, the Tell, from the design aesthetics, SEO, structure, content, etc.

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Joomla, Google and SEO

There will be a presentation on the things you can do to get your website onto page one of Google, however with Google being a continuous scrolling page one it isn't really that hard so let's help you get your website closer to the top.

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Joomla and AI

In a discussion format the session will cover aspect of Joomla and the emerging use of AI as a replacement or a complimentary tool to Joomla. We will be wanting to hear from people with first hand experience of using Joola extensions that integrate AI tools , broader use of Ai tools to support or supplement their management of Joomla and related activities and even instance where the AI tool is being used to replace Joomla or some elements of Joomla.

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