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The Cool Kids - Brisbane 2024

Terry Pollard

Terry Pollard

Melbourne based professional working mostly with Joomla after having done the hosting of client sites have now moved into more technicals roles for a smaller client base and suporting a couple of Joomla agencies. Extension development, technical problem solving and tackling the issues nobody wants seem to be what I do now. 

Robert Fairhead

Robert Fairhead

I became involved with Joomla! in 2008 when I used the platform to build a website for my local dog club. I subsequently used Joomla! to develop several generations of the dog club website and for my son's primary school P&C website. I also used Joomla! to create Tall And True, a website showcasing my writing - fiction, nonfiction and reviews - and the writing of Guest Writers. I was involved with the Sydney Joomla! User Group (JUG) from 2008, presenting at monthly JUGs and helping organise and present at several JoomlaDay Sydneys. I presented at the inaugural JoomlaDay Australia in Brisbane in 2019 and regularly attend Joomla! Australia virtual meet-ups.

Jeff Wilson

Project Manager at BizzDesign - specialising in all forms of Digital Marketing with a particular interest in Joomla. I have been playing with Joomla since its inception in 2005. I have been involved in Joomla Days in Sydney and Brisbane and look forward to this new approach and only being a visitor. Please come up and introduce yourself if you see me there, I will have plenty of time to talk this time around.

Jacqui Blanch

Jacqui has worked in graphic and web design since the mid-1990s, working on hundreds of projects during that time. She is an experienced Joomla user/configurer/designer and a baby php/javascript developer and has worked in most of the major and some of the minor CMS platforms across a 30-year design career. With prior experience in business administration and finance, she draws on her extensive and broad business experience to help others plan, build and brand processes, systems and digital assets that support them in achieving their business goals and in captivating their target audience.

Donna Clissold

I have been working for DigiHearth for approximately two years now learning how to use and configure Joomla and a multitude of extensions within it. I have an eye for detail, work quickly and accurately and have a talent for defining workflows and processes.

Carly Willats

Britt Ambrose

Greg Taylor

Martin Beaumont

Stuart Robertson

Nathan Morrow

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